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EV Mob has installed hundreds of EV Chargers in Dudley – whether it’s for business or home use. Have you considered getting one?

A Charging Point in Dudley is a great Idea!

  • Today, more than 75% of EV users are unable to charge at their workplace or home, by Installing one you can increase employee satisfaction
  • Decreased fuel cost to business operating their own cars and are planning to go electric
  • Generate revenue by leasing the charger.
  • Stop worrying about your remaining miles, by knowing you have a charger at home.
  • Become more green and help the environment!

Why Choose EvMob for your EV Charging Point Installation?

We are the market leaders in EV charging point installation and maintenance for businesses. Having worked with a variety of different businesses – from public sector organisations to the hospitality and leisure industry – our team is well placed to design a bespoke solution that meets your company’s needs.

Take a look at our EV charging station case studies to learn more about how we’ve helped businesses like yours to achieve their sustainable energy goals.

Flexible solutions for Your Business or Home

We’ve installed many EV charging systems for businesses over the years, and we always help our clients to achieve their business energy goals using the most cost-efficient technology. There are three main options open to you when selecting the specifications for your company’s new EV charging stations:

  • Standard (3kW power with an 8-14 hour average charging time)
  • Fast (7-22kW power with 4-6 hour average charging time)
  • Rapid (50kW power with 30 minutes average charging time)
  • Ultra-Rapid (100-200 kW with 10-20 minutes average charging time)

Post sales services from EvMob

We monitor your charging points 24/7 to ensure that it is working in full capacity. Our professions provide only the most cost effective and appropriate advice suiting your needs.

We also have smart meters tracking the amount of electricity used by charger and provide digital reports to our clients

OLEV workplace charging scheme enables the business owners to get a grant of  £350 per socket for a maximum upto 40 sockets. Hence reducing the overall cost burden on the company

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